color photograph of a partially sliced chocolate cake with purple frosting and strawberries

Saturday’s Haze

A cake with a light purple glaze with one serving cut out on a cake server. The cake sits on a round cake dish on a wooden table.

Edgar Castrejon via Unsplash



Texas              Chocolate
double       butter-stick
s h e e t             c   a   k   e
with                pistachios
(&   big   flats   of   salt)

must      remain     right
side       up       or      else
meet         its         maker
on   our   kitchen  floor.

Blue       jay       on       its
branch                outside,
the                    couchside
window   only   catches
breeze           head-first.

But      we      are      able
to   romp   like  liminal
pans                                 &
s u s p e n d e d
b      i      r      d      s       —

our             prepositions
are                             flung
across         the      room
without regard & spun

from      solid       center
with          no         desire
for       the     constraint
of                  orientation.

Lindsey Pannor headshotLINDSEY PANNOR


Lindsey Pannor is a writer, editor, and bookseller living in Berkeley, California. She currently works as a Program Assistant at the Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley and as a bookseller at Moe’s Books. She received her BA in English from UC Berkeley in 2020, where she also minored in creative writing and journalism. She has served in both design and editorial roles for publications such as ZYZZYVA, Amadeus Magazine, and The Berkeley Poetry Review.