photo manipulation | July 2018

An admittedly excited depiction of Pershing Square and, by extension, Los Angeles. I always maintain that when I picture LA from memory — I see it less as it actually looks and more as it would look in a comic book or cartoon. I’m intrigued by this romanticization as I don’t really know where it comes from.


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All Things Shining

video loop | 20s | August 2018

This is from a series of video still lives I made while working on location in Sequoia National Park earlier this summer. Generally, I like to treat the camera as a stationary canvas as opposed to a vehicle for motion. I like to use iPhone-based video effects and editing applications (such as Hyperspektiv, Fused, Boomerang, and Videoshop) to make tangible the emotions and sensations I feel within my surroundings, but cannot always articulate in words. This was my attempt at articulating my own wonderment.


Where Does the Time Go?

video loop | 14s | January 2016

An early video still life, one I made while coping with major life changes and the untamable current of time I felt I had gotten sucked into.

Rhetorical Devices

photo manipulation | January 2015

This one goes out to Marx, and the sense of liberation I felt when I actually read his texts in college.

Wild Cotton

photo manipulation | July 2015

This is from my first collection of digital collages, made between fall 2014 and summer 2015, when I was preoccupied with the notion of destruction and anger over the direction the world was taking at the time (and still is).


photo manipulation| May 2015

Remy Dixon is a video artist, lighting technician, and screenwriter from Van Nuys, California. They love the mundane, but often can’t stomach it; believe in the value of thesis-free art, but still crave meaning; and want to do big things while getting a full eight hours every night.