Nachiket Prakash

Nachiket Prakash — Digital Art

Artist Statement

Image of woman collaged with pink flowers

Dance of Fire

Digital | 2018 | 1000 x 1000 pixels

Image of upside down woman near smoke


Digital | 2019 | 1000 x 1000 pixels

Image of woman with branch as face, whose bathing suit is being measured

Trunk and Stem

Digital | 2020 | 3333 x 4444 pixels

I am always learning.

All works, no matter what or by whom painted, are nothing but bagatelles and childish trifles… unless they are made and painted from life, and there can be nothing… better than to follow nature.

I bury my head in the pillow, and dream of my true….

I am rowing to you on the great, dark ocean.

Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we’re opened, we’re red.

Image of woman with palm facing outwards

“In the accompanying ideology, animals are always the observed. The fact that they can observe us has lost all significance. They are the objects of our ever-extending knowledge”

Digital | 2020 | 3333 x 4444 pixels

There are many layers/levels of thoughts. There are many groups. Since childhood I felt, that all of them should arrive at a common horizon. The importance of lines kept on increasing in man’s life. He started becoming more and more intellectual and stupid. The lines became boundaries/limitations. What if it became difficult for him to go beyond his own world?

No one feels that this should vanish.

There should be hallucinations, but not about living, staying alive. I discover many things in isolation, but never have I felt like describing them in a language/words. They stayed in visuals and got dissolved in visuals. What stayed/left were experiences and imprints of time. Me, my conscience, and my body always are involved in painstaking efforts, similarly I observed an infinitely spread darkness below and light above. Nothing is permanent is the law of universe.

Collaged image of woman, mannequin, and street

I’m Born With Subtitles

Digital | 2020 | 3333 x 4444 pixels

When I heard the earth song I was no longer brave… I was searching for you in the morgue… the war against language is not over…

Image of two people embracing collaged into holding hands

Shadows of Bodies

Digital | 2018 | 3333 x 3333 pixels

Villages say they’re already suffering side effects, government scientists say there was no radiation leak…

हमारी पाक मोह त िकसीको रास नही, हमेतोहªारिकिकसीसं े भीकोईआसनही.

Untitled, Nachiket Prakash


Digital | 2020 | 3333 x 4444 pixels

To avoid a misunderstanding, we must remember that this “art coefficient” is a personal expression of art that is, still in a raw state, which must be “refined” as pure sugar from molasses, be the spectator; the digit of this coefficient has no bearing whatsoever on your verdict.

Fruit bodies can revive after long periods of drought. Pores of fruit body are very small.

Digital | 2020 | 3333 x 4444 pixels

The following is an important aspect about a drawing, and one that is necessary for me. A drawing is connected to observing/seeing. It means certainly connected to the eyes and this visual world is called the visual language.

The idea of writing about a pre-existing object, language into some other language isn’t accepted or appealing to my brain, wholeheartedly. Till now, I have been writing about the visuals created by me, and apologize to the visual world for that.

Please forgive me.

Nachiket Prakash is an Indian-born artist, art educator, art manager and art curator in Pune, India. Since graduating in fine art, he has actively been a part of the art community in the country. He sees himself as an art promoter exploring and combining new media while collaborating with established as well as with upcoming artists.

Throughout his life, Nachiket has resisted the impulses of popular beliefs surrounding art and life. He likes to offer his audience a view into this unique gaze, and recommends that his work be viewed as an impersonal and objective engagement with the world. A wide spectrum of dense human personalities continues to inspire his work. Check out Nachiket’s Instagram.



Artist’s Statement:

My work is a process.

The content of any of my works is purposefully satirical, political, philosophical, sexual or personal which I present in my own way. It is consciously made to titillate and affect a reaction. In any kind of medium, be it digital collages/sculptures/graphics/painting, there is no specific process. It is easy to talk about the technical process of working in terms of tools and method but not how an actual artwork manifests itself. My mind while creating is like an empty glass, anything you fill inside it takes its form.

The mental process to arrive at this stage has been quite cruel. In the beginning when I started out I began with painting but sculpting happened much later. All my digital works are sculptures in a sense which are done in that medium to achieve immediate results and are not restricted by time. When I select a few images out of thousands to make a piece of collage it means there is a strong filter inside that makes me gravitate towards certain kinds of images. While sculpting, I try to not imitate anything I have seen and think about things that are subconsciously ingrained within me. Images of rotting bones and flesh, decaying organic matter is something that triggers reactions from people. Something like an intestine stuffed inside a shoe is beyond anything we see around us. The effect of any kind of art on the artist can be either calming or… in my case, depends on the medium I am handling. It has a “you do not know the unspoken voice of sorrow.”