Libro Joven, literally translated as “young book,” refers to new and emerging projects created by independent artists in a Mexican contemporary context.


The project was born out of the desire to create an opportunity for Mexican writers, editors, designers, and illustrators to collaborate in a creative space and share their ideas with the wider public. Inspired by the lack of literary spaces that support new voices and the recurrent Mexican folly of ignoring homegrown talent, this online platform aims to be a space to access literary culture, find relevant and contemporary content, and encourage emerging writers to be part of the literary community.


Libro Joven’s goal is to provide an appropriate promotional space for young stories, young art, and young ideas, and to offer readers the best innovative and unique content. The web app brings together the members involved in the creation of a book: writer, editor, designer/illustrator, and reader in order to bring the product to the consumer in the simplest way possible, with the essential tools to achieve the best quality content.

Valeria García Origel is a Mexican Communications and Digital Media graduate who fell in love with books rather late. Since she discovered her passion for the publishing industry and the innate necessity of changing the world, she started creating and participating in projects that help her satisfy those needs. Valeria is a closet writer and a voracious reader who aspires to create an opportunity for independent Mexican artists to share their work, come out of the closet and discover their new favorite stories.