Kheiro Magazine:
where law, politics and culture collide

Corruption, climate change, inequality, health care. What do these all have in common?


For one thing, they don’t respect national borders. For another, they are subject to a complex patchwork of national and international laws and regulations. Every day Americans have to make difficult political decisions about these problems without fully understanding how the law and globalization affect them.


That’s why we created Kheiro Magazine. We wanted to investigate how these issues work at a global level, and to identify solutions rooted in law, politics and culture. We’re based on both sides of the Atlantic to offer a broad, nuanced perspective that is unique for a media start-up.


Kheiro launched last year as a passion project for the three journalist-slash-lawyers who edit the site. Since then we have built up some important partnerships, including joining, a news round-up by women editors in Europe, and working with media entrepreneurs in Los Angeles to develop a reader-centric business model. Now, we are expanding the site: recruiting more writers, growing our audience, and moving to a new platform that will allow us to create exciting new editorial projects organized around key coverage areas.


We are currently seeking founding members who will be forever listed in our materials as an original supporter of Kheiro. Your contribution will help us build the new site and will fund investigations into the global systems that are enabling corruption, climate change, inequality and more. Join our mailing to learn more about how you can get involved.

Our mission is to investigate global issues at the level at which they exist, and to explore solutions rooted in law, politics and social science. With your help, we're tackling some of today's biggest problems: corruption, climate change, income inequality, health, human rights, authoritarianism and more.

Janna Brancolini, founding editor of Kheiro Magazine, is an American lawyer and award-winning journalist based in Italy. She writes extensively on law and politics, with a focus on democracy, rule of law and human rights. Her work has been published by NBC, CBS, Thomson Reuters-West, the San Francisco Chronicle and the California Journal of International Law, among others. Janna was previously awarded a Fulbright Grant to research freedom of the press in Italy, and has lectured at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and the University of Bologna in Italy.