Cindy Nguyen 



papers flurry
ideas hurry
the warmth of freshly pressed thoughts
on eggshell leaves.

a touch of the keys
euphoric release
of fragments laced to prose.

published vulnerability
a flicker of humanity.



audio poem with remixed sound bites from:
Hanoi, the city
Giraffage – “Slo”
Google Vocaloids of freestyle rap
by Dave Paulson


Cindy Nguyen is a subversive artist-historian who works between film, poetry, and visual narrative. She is currently working on a multimedia project on intergenerational language, memory, and knowledge-making called “Mẹ, Translated.”  Her art experiments on translation, categorical impulses, and misreading emerged from her Ph.D. dissertation (UC Berkeley) on Vietnamese libraries, print culture, and reading.

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