Dream Another Dream: The Nora Ephron Literary Festival & Conference
is an immersive event designed to bring readers, writers, mentors, and dreamers together in honor of the late, great Nora Ephron, the three-time Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, director, bestselling author, and essayist.


While her most beloved films raked in $93 million, $116 million, and $127 million at the box office respectively, a new generation of Ephron-inspired filmmakers and authors are building momentum in the New-New Hollywood today, such as Greta Gerwig, with her Didion-inspired Ladybird, and Nia DaCosta, the most-recently crowned winner of the Nora Ephron prize at the Tribeca Film Festival. Indeed, Nora appeared in the center of Vogue earlier this year, and received a dedication from Steven Spielberg for his six-time Golden Globe-nominated film, The Post. Long before and long after #TIMESUP, Nora’s voice is the one that still resonates.


We’ll discuss her books, plays, and films, those she inspired and was inspired by, and connect with like-minded readers and writers. By the end of the day, maybe we’ll be inspired to live like Nora did: as a beautiful chameleon refusing to be any one thing at any given time.

Coming Late Summer 2019 in Celebration of:

When Harry Met Sally’s 30th Birthday

Julie & Julia’s 10th Birthday

Festival founder Kristin Marguerite Doidge’s Nora Ephron book, expected late 2019


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Founded & Created by Kristin Marguerite Doidge, MA

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