a Black woman faces the viewer at a three-quarter profile, her eyes and face turned the left of the frame; around her face is an assortment of geometric shapes: a concentric set of circles, isosceles triangles extending backwards to infinity as they fade from view, and a large clear circle, finally, golden circles wrap around her head like a halo; her face, hair, and neck are adorned with gold jewelry shaped like sacred object, including a moon, crocodile, planets, and more.

Bushmama Africa

Bushmama Africa — Digital Collage

Black to the Future

“Nkisi” – a dark-skinned black boy is featured in profile facing left, his neck and shoulder are visible as he is adorned with multi-colored beads and galactic armor; on his lips, nose, and around his eyes is a dense white powder that breaks into a dotted pattern that extends up his forehead, over his cheeks, and towards his ears; the background behind him featured bright pink and yellow triangles.

Nkisi 4000

digital collage | 2020 | 20×28

The Nkisi 4000 piece was inspired by Nkisi (or Nkishi) which refers to either spirits or an object that a spirit inhabits. It is frequently applied to a variety of objects used throughout the Congo Basin in Central Africa, especially in the Territory of Cabinda, that are believed to contain spiritual powers or spirits. In this digital version, Nkisi is transforming the energy of his ancestors into the power that saves his living family left on the planet after COVID.

"God" – a black woman is facing forward, with wings behind her. Her neck and body are adorned with beads. Her face has a dotted pattern beneath her right eye, on the bridge of her nose, and underneath her bottom lip.


digital collage | 2013 | 24×30

God is a Black Woman! This modified self-portrait serves to remind all Black women of the divinity that lies inside them. As the artist takes flight with her new wings, her colorful body meets that stars. There is harmony and balance when we discover our power.

“Elevating Egun” – a bright glowing moon sits in the middle of a starlit black sky; in the foreground a dark-skinned girl wears a bountiful hat of corn while holding a mask with eyes and lips of enlarged cowrie shells; she is adorned in a green tunic that wraps around her waist, a red multi-layered necklace draping her chest, and large wrist cuffs; she is facing the viewers her gaze brazenly meeting the audience head on.

Elevating Egun

digital collage | 2016 | 20×28

Elevating Egun was created as an offering to my ancestors who died during the slave trade, particularly the slaves who jumped ship, were thrown overboard, who revolted and died in the process, who were sick from the toxicity of the ship, who were beaten as an example, who died during childbirth, rape, suffocation, exhaustion and starvation as a form or protest. These spirits did not have the ceremonial rites done when they crossed, no wailers for the dead, no prayers, nothing. These spirits become wayward and destructive and need to be elevated to join the collective consciousness of God herself. This art is there ceremony ushering each on to the realm of the ancestors, finally free from purgatory. These souls walk with us now in power and influence to resist, rebel against oppression. To access their Ase all we must do is call out Egun mi! Egun mi Egun me, protect me, activate the warrior in me, give me your strength to endure, to propel us forward in health and prosperity. Help us overturn oppression so we may free ourselves and live out our destiny as the chosen ones. We will rise up and take our place with love, compassion and solidarity with our family across the globe and beyond.


digital collage | 2020 | 18×14

Alpha Andromedae is part of the 48th constellation in the sky and is the brightest star in the Andromeda Galaxy. It is named after an Ethiopian Princess. In this digital college she represents all the wealth embedded in the Earth and all over Africa.

Bushmama Africa is a Priestess of Ifa, artist, activist, spiritualist, medicine maker, writer, poet, jewelry maker, Mother, Grandmother, lover and Omo Oya. She was born and raised in Oakland, California, where she still lives and creates. She provides consultations on spirit matters, teaches classes on ancestor veneration, and serves as a practitioner at free healing clinics, for individuals, and with small groups and agencies.

Visit her website here, and make sure to follow her Tumblr and Instagram accounts.