Established in 2018, PubLab is an annual journal dedicated to promoting access, representation, and creativity in the publishing world. PubLab features original essays, profiles, and interviews alongside literary and visual art. We seek to balance the voices of established industry professionals with the perspectives and ideas of emerging publishers and artists.

We are  the official journal of the Los Angeles Review of Books / USC Publishing Workshop, an immersive, collaborative summer program designed for students and innovators interested in publishing. As such, we also showcase independent Workshop projects, including the first English as a Second Language literary magazine, and a Mexico-based publishing concern devoted to emerging writers.



Our name, an abbreviation for Publishing Laboratory, reflects our desire for transformation and dynamic change within a historically homogenous industry, as well as our openness to experimentation and play in our featured work.

Just Fly / Volá, Victor Interiano

Just Fly / Volá, Victor Interiano