Print of bright blue crystals growing along a barbed wire fence, in front of a blurry, distant, industrial cityscape and a red-orange sky.





By Thomas J. Sojka: The 2020s have arrived, bringing sensational headlines on the state of the global economy that anticipate “another Roaring Twenties” or condemn the comparison as “absurd.” 

Letting Your “DNA Show You the Way”: Selling the Politics of Genetics and the Business of Race

By Adrienne Sockwell: As a historian, and as a person interested in most narratives of the past, I realize the unique value of as a research tool …

The Soothing Aesthetics of the Supermarket

By Rebecca Lipperini: I love the supermarket — fiercely, obsessively, weirdly. I go to the supermarket when I feel overwhelmed. And it turns out I’m not alone.

Failure of Trees

By Penina Eilberg-Schwartz: It’s strange to have the idea on the boat where there are no books, no letters — only water and the different kinds of light in it.

Some Sort of Hostage Situation

By Stefanie Doucette: Like most Tuesdays, we spend the night out at our favorite Divisadero Street dive bar, swapping dirty stories for fun over $3 sake bombs.

Who Is Zooming Who? Rituals of Shame in the White Academic Institution

By Chiseche Salome Mibenge: An elite white academic institution in California has convened a virtual workshop on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for a cohort of humanities faculty.



A Tzintzún (Hummingbird) Emerging

By Mario A. Gómez-Zamora: I don’t really know who chose who. / I just stopped holding my heart’s emotions and / then, when I was about to die, / you appeared!


By Bre (Nyx) Byrd: We all begin, cradled in the water. The storm of our mother’s womb, we, torrential in our desire to be known and know the world, initially seek out of the water…

The Princess Writes by Candlelight

By nanya jhingran: night falls on the lodge slowly / then all at once / in a gradual shock the crows / feathered loneliness


A digital illustration of a crystal cocoon hanging off a thin branch jutting out of the ground behind which blue rings of iridescence shine ou
a color photograph of a white room filled with white furniture drawn on with thin and thick lines of black ink
San Francisco in Jell-O and Ground Waters